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Wallflowers are Perfect Dancing Partners

Life size dolls with elastic on hands and feet, for children to dance and play with. Sew cute clothes for them or dress them in real kid clothes, size 4. Instructions to make Glad Rags version (shown at right) from Wallflowers pattern are at bottom of this page.
Wallflowers 42" - $7.50
Pattern for both boy and girl doll with all the easy unique hair styles shown, and both shoe patterns. Child puts hand or foot in elastic on doll for a dancing partner who always follows perfectly.

Wallflowers Girls Clothes Pattern $7.50 Three dresses, panties.
Wallflowers Boys Clothes Pattern $7.50
Button-front shirt, knickers, bow-tie, suspenders.

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Dance With me Henry, for the bigger 'kids'

Dance With Me Henry, Life size doll.
Henry is very versatile and wears real clothing. He is approximately 5'10", but can be any height you want him to be. He is a perfect companion - tall, dark and handsome.
Take him with you when you travel by car. He'll sit quietly but won't change a flat tire.
Dance with me Henry - $8.50

See Henry in lots of fun situations - Henry

Elise is the little girl shown with Henry in two different versions. She has party clothes.

Elise 28" Pattern - $7.50

Complete list of materials is printed on each pattern.


How to Make Glad Rags

Sew Wallflowers doll, making legs of red and white striped fabric. (Stripes should go across leg). Follow instructions for cloth hair, using 1 yard bright red fabric. Make each section about six inches long.
Using girls clothes pattern, (available above), sew dress with natural waistline in calico. Trim neckline with lace.
Add four inches to length of panties leg, sew panties and apron of print fabric.
Cut piece of fabric 18" wide by 13" long for apron. Hem sides 1/4"; hem waist and lower edges one inch. Gather 3/4" inch from waist edge with nine inches of elastic.
Make two shoulder straps and apron ties out of print apron fabric. You will need four pieces two inches by sixteen inches. Hem all edges 1/4".
Attach two of the ties to the front of the apron as shown in photo with decorative buttons. Make a two inch loop on back end. Attach ties to each side at elastic. Pull ties through the loops at the end of the shoulder straps and tie a bow in the back.

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